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What is the buying cultures and behaviors patterns of real estate in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, when comes to choosing the right properties, the main concerns is about location, location & location. Other than that, few questions you must ask yourself:

  • What kind of living environment I would like to stay in?

Advise:  You may want to stay in areas which is middle & upmarket neighborhoods such as KLCC, Bukit Tunku/Kenny Hills, Mon’t Kiara , Damansara or Bangsar areas.  These are the areas you will find many luxurious housing either landed houses or super condo.


  • What are the amenities I wish to have in my housing areas?

Advise: You may want to have a great shopping mall nearby your house or conveniences such as pos office, banks, local councils, school or university.


  • Do I need public transports providing me conveniences to travel?

Advise: It is great to have nearby public transport such as LRT, MRT or even BRT as your friends or family could easy reach you regardless the jam which often happen in Malaysia during peak hours.


  • Is the neighborhoods has the restaurants, foods or cafe I like?

Advise:  What foods you like? Asian cuisines, Indian Cuisines, western cuisines or local Chinese cuisines?  In KL & Klang valley, you will definitely have variety of foods & drinks that you will love to eat & you want it to be nearby you.


  • Is the location I choose near to my workplace, my favorites hang around places, my relatives & friends or even it is easy to send my kids to school?

Advise: You wouldn’t want to stuck in traffic jam for hours to reach your workplace or send your kids to school right? Comparing to around half an hour to workplace or schools in bad traffic jam versus hours to reach your workplace, which will you choose? So have this consideration in mind as it does affect your lifestyle & costs of living.


On top of all the above considerations, it is still depending on your budgets. Properties in great locations will definitely need higher budgets to own.  Know your priorities when making the buying decision, you might need to pay more to have your priority but it will definitely worth it to enjoy your priority in life.



Author (7years experiences in Property Market)

THU, 22 FEB 2018, 2PM