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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay any membership fees to own an account in
No. It is absolutely free to create your own account.

How much is the advertisement fees I need to pay?
Please visit our advertising rate for more details.

Can I carry forward my unused credits to new upgraded packages?
No, you can’t carry forward any unused or expired credits to new upgraded package.

Can I top up my featured credits separately?
No, if you have fully utilized your featured credits, please upgrade your packages.

Is my listing still active after my membership expired?
No, your listings will expired along with your membership but remain in your account. You must make sure your membership is still valid to keep your listings active.

How to mark my property on the map?
In your user dashboard, under [Add new property], you will able to find the map which allow you to mark your property on it, please ensure to mark your property in the exact location on the map.

I just want the map to show the category for my selected property criteria such as property status?
Just select the criteria in the search bar, no need to click search button as the map will automatically load the result.

How long it will takes to get approval for my listings to be publish on the website?
Once payment is made, our administration will review your listings and publish it shortly upon comply to our advertising policy. Please allow minimum 1 day, you can always check your listings status in your dashboard.

How can I get my invoices?
You can view or print your invoices in your dashboard under [Invoices] tab.

I am a direct owner, how can I avoid any agent to contact me as I wish to sell my properties by myself?
Please update your property status to “For Sale/Rent By Owner” and label your listings with “NO AGENT” , it will showed in your listings once it is published. You may always edit or update it if you feel like to do so.

I am a property agent, can I contact the direct owner in the listing?
Yes, provided the listing is not labelled with “NO AGENT”, you are welcome to contact the direct owner as most likely they will need your professional services.

How to upload a video of the property that I wish to list?
In your dashboard, please click add new property and under property details page, your will able to find the VIDEO URL column whereby you can insert the url link from Youtube, Vimeo,  SWF File and MOV File.

How to upload 360° virtual tour into my listing?
Please insert your virtual tour iframe/embeded code while creating your listing. It must be mobile and website enabled, else it will be disapproved.

I would like to showcase my property in 360°, but I don’t know how to do it.
You can engage our entrusted professional to create one for you at an affordable fees. Please contact live chat support or email us for further details.

What is the file size allowable to upload my property images/photos ?
Recommended file size for each image is not more than 1 MB and must within 20 photos.

How can I find available properties nearby me?
In the homepage map, please click “My location” icon at the bottom right corner, you will able to see available properties within your range in your current location.

Which are the countries I can list my properties?
Currently, the allowable countries are only in Malaysia & Singapore.

Is my personal data & privacy protected?
Absolutely, we uphold our integrity & credibility to protect our members’ data & privacy strictly without compromising on security and abide by local governments’ laws. Please visit our Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) for further details.