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9 Things You Must Clean in Your House

9 Things You Must Clean in Your House

The season to spring clean is here! When cleaning your home, you typically clean the obvious spots such as the floor, windows, shelves and bathroom walls.

However, here are nine areas that you may tend to overlook:

1. Doorknobs and handles

For something that you touch so frequently, the doorknobs and handles in your home are definitely among the top things that you need to clean.

They can harbour a lot of germs and bacteria. To clean them, simply wipe with a cloth and a cleaning agent.

You can also use cotton swabs or cotton balls to clean the dirt that is stuck in any cracks.

2. Mattresses

You usually wash and change new bed sheets regularly, but rarely clean your mattress. Cleaning it is very important because mattresses tend to collect dust, dirt, dead skin flakes and dust mites.

To clean, simply vacuum the entire surface of the mattress and clean any stains using a cleaning agent. To get rid of odour, sprinkle baking soda over the mattress and let it sit for 24-hours before vacuuming it off.

3. Rubbish bins

You shouldn’t forget to regularly clean the rubbish bin as well. If you leave it un-cleaned for too long, it will be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

Do regularly give your rubbish bin a good rinse to rid it of any foul smell, mould or fungus. You can dry it under the sun to disinfect it, or you can also spray disinfectant for better protection.

4. Shower curtains

No, spraying your shower curtain with water while you’re in the shower doesn’t count as cleaning. Shower curtains often get hard water stains, mildew and mould, so it’s important that you remember to clean them every now and then.

To clean your shower curtain, wash it in the washing machine with a combination of baking soda, detergent and vinegar. You can also hand-wash it and scrub all the dirt off.

5. Washing machine

The inside of a washing machine is hot and humid so it makes the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria.

Furthermore, detergent residue also creates a thin film that traps bacteria and odour particles. You certainly don’t want your clean clothes to smell awful.

So be sure to clean the interior of your washing machine at least once a month. Simply run your washing machine with hot water, white vinegar and baking soda.

Rinse again with hot water and be sure to clean the dispenser, filter and other smaller components.

6. Under and behind the toilet bowls

Typically, you will clean toilet bowls by scrubbing its interior. However, if you want to clean it thoroughly, you shouldn’t forget to scrub under and behind the toilet bowl too.

A lot of dirt can be found on the exterior of your toilet bowl, especially in areas that you don’t usually pay attention to. Be sure to scrub it off with an effective cleaning agent and toilet brush.

7. Tooth brush holder

Toothbrush holders are very intimate things because they hold the object that you put into your mouth.

Toothbrush holders can harbor a lot of bacteria and germs, which can make you sick.

Be sure to regularly clean your toothbrush holder. Simply scrub any stains and dirt, then rinse with hot water or soak with antibacterial mouthwash for several minutes.

8. Brooms, dustpans, mops and vacuum

How can you keep your home clean if your cleaning tools are dirty? It is common to immediately put these tools away after you are done with cleaning, but you should do more than that.

Be sure to clean your brooms, dustpan, mops and vacuum cups after using them. Remove all the dirt, dust and hair that gets stuck on your tools and rinse them thoroughly.

9. Kitchen towels

It’s inevitable for kitchen towels to be wet, but you should definitely wash them regularly for better hygiene.

When left unclean for too long, kitchen towels will start to give out an unpleasant smell. As they are typically used to clean your counters and dining table, they are also bound to have a lot of grease on them.

Kitchen towels can be easily cleaned by soaking them with white vinegar and baking soda.

Credits to FMT News -Lifestyle, Property.



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